Investment Management

"In my experience, all successful long-term investors are continuously acting on a plan.  All the failed investors I’ve ever encountered up close were continually reacting to current events – and always the wrong way."

Nick Murray

Main Benefit

Investing can at times seem overwhelming and daunting. If you examine your own life, you'll find that it is often the simple things that have proven to be the most successful. Investing is no different. However, it is easy to have your attention drawn to the wrong issues. So many outlets for financial advice with so many differing opinions from so called experts:  the noise can derail your journey. 

A proactive, disciplined investment process is imperative to ensuring you capture market returns over the course of your lifetime.

Asset Allocation

We believe asset allocation trumps stock-picking and a constant search for performance. We build globally diversified, low-cost portfolios across asset classes, strategies, market caps, and risk factors using an  investment philosophy where the focus is on getting the most out of your resources. We feel the most important tenets of the investment process are portfolio construction and risk management.

Investment Selection

We believe simple beats complex. Holding liquid securities with current pricing, low fees, and transparent strategies can help minimize unintended consequences. Financial markets don’t require complex solutions to thrive. But simple does not mean easy or thoughtless. A simple approach just requires more work up front to build in the right systems, processes, guidelines, and plans. 


We believe you must invest in the markets as they are, not as you wish them to be. Risk and return are attached at the hip so no matter how you invest, risk never completely goes away. In the current low interest rate environment, this means investors must be willing to accept some form of volatility to achieve returns above the rate of inflation. It is our job to help clients gain exposure to those areas where they are being paid to take risk.  A good rebalancing policy can help avoid overexposing a portfolio to unintended risks.

NestEgg MasterClasses

At Sherrill Wealth Management we believe in lifelong learning.

Retirement provides a great opportunity to explore, learn and grow.

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About the Author

Welcome! I have spent my entire 25 year career helping affluent families live off and enhance their nest-eggs throughout their retirement. Much of my experience was spent as a Wealth Manager and Team Leader at a couple of the largest and most reputable firms in the nation. I greatly appreciate all I learned in those formative years but ultimately I decided I wanted to have less clients, deeper relationships, and better work-life balance than a pure profit motivated institution is able to handle.