November 22

We’re Talking Turkey


What makes you happy? As we wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on this timeless question.

You probably already realize that piles of possessions by themselves aren’t enough. But it may be less clear what does generate enduring happiness and how we, as your financial advsior, might be one of your core alliances for discovering it.

First, let’s define what we’re talking about. We are fond of this description by “The Happiness Advantage” author, popular TED Talk presenter, and Harvard researcher Shawn Achor:

Happiness … isn’t just about feeling good,
it’s about the joy we feel while striving after our potential.”

Such a simple statement, but it’s packed with profound insights.

Happiness isn’t about indulging in fleeting pleasures. In fact, it’s closer to the opposite of that. If you can only be happy once you’ve “scored,” you are limiting your joy to isolated incidents instead of weaving it into the fabric of your life.   

You can still be happy, even when life isn’t all puppies and rainbows. Distinguishing enduring happiness from occasional pleasures frees us to enjoy even our most challenging experiences, and to savor them as among our fondest memories. It’s why we may willingly burn the midnight oil on a project of deep interest. Pay a personal trainer to push us harder than we’ve ever gone before. Volunteer our hearts and minds to others in need. Give birth.

Everyone has different sources of happiness, but the joy it can spread is universal. In a world that sometimes seems increasingly polarized, a greater appreciation for happiness might just bring us closer together. As Achor comments: “Joy makes us want to invest more deeply in the people around us. … It makes us want to learn more about our communities. It makes us want to be able to find ways of being able to make this a better external world for all of us.”

By coming together to focus on what sustains us – an optimistic outlook, value-driven action, meaningful relationships – therein we can find greater happiness. That’s what the evidence suggests, anyway. It is both our privilege and our joy to help you manage your money accordingly, this Thanksgiving and throughout the years ahead.

See what you know about tasty turkeys by taking this brief trivia quiz:

1. Which American statesman thought the turkey would have been a better national symbol than the bald eagle (which he felt was a bird of bad moral character)?

  1. Andrew Jackson
  2. Thomas Jefferson
  3. Benjamin Franklin
  4. John Adams


2. Which state produces the most turkeys?

  1. Missouri
  2. Minnesota
  3. North Carolina
  4. Arkansas


3. What country consumes the most turkey per person?

  1. United States
  2. China
  3. Turkey
  4. Israel


4. Which department store was the first to sponsor a Thanksgiving Day parade?

  1. Macy's
  2. Gimbels
  3. Marshall Field’s
  4. Wanamaker’s


In some ways, your financial plan is a lot like your family’s Thanksgiving meal. It should reflect your preferences and lifestyle, as well as include a diverse menu. We’re grateful you have chosen to work with us, and we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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