April 17

Wealth Makeover


Updating your Wealth to Address Present and Future Needs

Have you collected a mixed bag of assets over the years?
Do they still serve the purpose they were originally intended to serve?

Do you need a Wealth Makeover?​


​Many of my client acquire an enviable collection of assets, entities and titled accounts; some of which no longer make sense in their current stage of life.
Life transitions such as retirement, divorce, or death can alter your goals and objectives making former decisions obsolete or ineffective in the present. Trying to restructure, coordinate, and efficiently put your financial house in order can be a difficult process.

I liken this situation to the Winchester Mansion in California. This unusual home is called the "Mystery House" for its unique collection of luxury and oddities.

An ambitious vision for a state of the art home....
  • 24,000 Square Feet
  • 47 Fireplaces
  • 160 Rooms
  • 10,000 Windows
  • Six Kitchens
  • Wool Wall Insulation
  • Gas Lighting
  • Intercoms
  • No-Clog (Patented) Sink

.....built without a blueprint....

Wealth Makeover

....yields inhospitable results

wealth makeover
  • 65 Doors leading to blank walls
  • 13 Staircases to nowhere
  • 24 Skylights in floors
As you transition into a new stage in life be it retirement, divorce, or other, you may find that your previously acquired assets no longer address your new needs. You may want to look into a wealth makeover to restructure and consolidate 401k's, IRA's, life insurance, titling, beneficiary designations, and other legal entities to reflect your present needs.
I wrote the following linked article in the Paladin Registry that speaks further to this issue:

Lessons from the Winchester Mystery House


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