Financial Planning

"Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship."

Omar Bradley

We believe that utilizing our Proactive Wealth Process will  help create a disciplined approach to wealth management. Our standard of care is designed to allow the client to rest easy knowing that it covers and addresses most aspects of one’s financial life.

Proactive Means Considering The ‘What Ifs’ In Life.  We’ve all heard the phrase, “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” At Sherrill Wealth Management, we know that nothing can be further from the truth when it comes to your financial security. That’s why identifying risks, such as loss of life, incapacity, liability, and legacy are paramount to protecting your wealth. We evaluate your potential risks and can design fire drills and strategies to address small issues before they become bigger problems. Because we are not tied to any particular product, provider or solution, you can count on a clear, objective assessment of your overall exposure to risk and recommendations that help minimize or eliminate it.

Our Standard of Care - Control 

CFN Advanced Planning Team

Our partnership with Commonwealth Financial Network®, a leading Registered Investment Adviser–broker/dealer, gives us access to a team of advanced planning specialists who can help us provide you the best possible service.

Justin Duft


Heather Zack

Team Lead

Martin Baker

Advanced Planning Consultant

Mike Baum

Advanced Planning Consultant

Maureen Baxter

Advanced Planning Consultant

Kevin Ducomb

Advanced Planning Consultant

David Haughton

Advanced Planning Consultant

Anna Hays

Advanced Planning Consultant

Aric Jacobson

Advanced Planning Consultant

Krista Teegarden

Advanced Planning Consultant

Why Financial Planning Matters

People with a Comprehensive Financial Plan Feel More CONFIDENT about their Finances*

Confidence Counter

53% of people with a comprehensive financial plan are very confident they are making the best choices about how to manage their money, savings, and investments.

Confidence Counter

Only 26% of Non-Planner say they are very confident making good financial decisions.

People with a Comprehensive Financial Plan Feel More PREPARED about thier Finances*


58% of people with a comprehensive financial plan score in the top quartile of the Financial Preparedness Index Scores.


72% of Comprehensive Planner say they are where they should be or are ahead of the game in their savings for emergencies.


70% of Comprehensive Planners are on pace in saving for retirement.                        


51% of Non-Planners score in the bottom quartile on the Financial Preparedness Index Scores.


Only 20% of Non-Planner have money saved for emergencies.


56% of Non-Planners have nothing saved for any savings goal.

Simple and easy.

NestEgg MasterClasses

At Sherrill Wealth Management we believe in lifelong learning.

Retirement provides a great opportunity to explore, learn and grow.

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About the Author

Welcome! I have spent my entire 25 year career helping affluent families live off and enhance their nest-eggs throughout their retirement. Much of my experience was spent as a Wealth Manager and Team Leader at a couple of the largest and most reputable firms in the nation. I greatly appreciate all I learned in those formative years but ultimately I decided I wanted to have less clients, deeper relationships, and better work-life balance than a pure profit motivated institution is able to handle.