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Home Equity in Retirement Planning

Today, around 30% of homes in the US are owned free and clear; 17 million of that 30% are people over age 60. In this post-era of the housing crash, home ownership has decreased to 63% from 69%. However, that news is not necessarily bad! We have greatly rebounded in real estate values and are on a more sustainable home ownership trajectory. The American Dream is alive and well!

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The Current Retiree Dilemma

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If we plot these 2 risks on a matrix then we would say there are 4 potential outcomes: 1) High market returns with high longevity (awesome), 2) High market returns with low longevity (bummer), 3) Low market returns with low longevity (rats) and lastly, 4) Low market returns with high longevity (uh oh).

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Retirement Income and the Maginot Line

As you transition from saving for retirement to taking retirement income most people recognize they need to modify their balance sheet (see Winchester Mystery House) and their investment strategy. Today’s retiree faces a more challenging task of meeting longer time horizons, increasing health care costs, and less predictable retirement income. With a blitzkrieg of new challenges, addressing risk through a tolerance questionnaire and by simply adjusting your equity weighting accordingly could become your Maginot Line.

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